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Hovig Electric is an electrical contractor that is based in Pasadena, CA. But we are not your typical electricians. Smart homeowners and entrepreneurs come to us for their electrical needs. So if you are wondering how we managed that, you should continue reading this article.


Electrical Installation – We have earned the trust of homeowners and local businessmen because we take extra precaution in everything that we do. So our first step when installing electrical receptacles would be to ask what kind of appliances will be using the outlet that we will put. This will help us determine how much electrical outlet is needed for that outlet.


As a rule of thumb, all electrical receptacles in the kitchen and the dining room would need 20 amps. Using a thin cable for an outlet that will carry a big amount of electrical current would spell disaster. Our next step would be to check the breaker box. We would ask you to turn off the electricity because we would be removing some parts of the breaker box. To avoid any future problems, we would always determine if it is safe to another set of wires to the breaker box. If it is not, we highly recommend installing a new circuit breaker. We can now run cable wires from the circuit breaker to the new outlet. We can now safely install your new electrical receptacle.


Electrical Repairs – We also offer this service because we understand the nasty problems that a faulty wiring can cause. If left unfixed, a faulty wire can cause electrocution. It might also cause fires.
So if you are in need of an efficient electrical contractor in Pasadena, CA, you can immediately ask help from Hovig Electric. We can replace damaged electrical outlets or install new ones. All you need to do is call us at (626) 665-2395 and we will do the rest.